Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Nvidia restricted driver VNC issues

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I run a few machines in my house. I like machines to perform one and only one task. eg I have a machine that does all my communications (email, IM etc), one runs simplicity (a Tivo indexing program) and another that runs utorrent. They are all Windows boxes because I do believe of all things Microsoft might have screwed up, they make a superior remote access protocol (RDP). Recently my email machine decide to throw a few bad sectors (it barfed while backing up a 6GB SENT file), so I decided to task a spare Core2 machine to run Ubuntu 10.4 and consolidate my machines into virtual machines managed by Virtual Box.

Everything installed smoothly until I decide to activate the Nvidia restricted drivers AND VNC into the machine. The keyboard and mouse stopped responding via VNC (it worked via local console). It works fine with the Ubuntu’s OSE drivers (jockey). (However the OSE drivers are restricted to 1024×768 on the monitor, not to mention the lack of acceleration etc). I decide to live with that solution because most of the time I remote terminal in anyways.