MacOS 10.13 High Sierra Clean Install Gotchas

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MacOS High Sierra introduced the new file system APFS. I encountered some perplexing bugs.

When you are doing clean setup with a machine equipped with SSD, DO NOT be a smart alec and reformat your SSD to APFS!!! IT WILL NOT WORK! The setup will just try install and reboot back to where you had started. If you click on the log setting you will notice the installer times out complaining that the file system is not HFS+ and can’t convert to APFS. So if you are going to clean install, format in HFS+ then let the installer convert it (counterintuitive I know). Oh Disk Utility will unhelpfully NOT let you revert back to HFS+

If you read this, because you are stuck.. Open Terminal. Use diskutil list to figure out the name of your SSD drive. Use diskutil eraseDisk APFS to delete the drive, then try Disk Utility again.

Oh yeah, once you finish the install process LET FILEVAULT FINISH BEFORE REBOOT!! If not eg applying the “Supplemental Update etc”, you will have to reinstall the whole thing again!! You can check the encryption status under Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Filevault.. for my 500MB SSD drive it takes 12 hours. First time around, I got the “Failed to open OS X Installer. the Path /System/Installation Packages/OSInstall.mpkg appears to be missing or damaged.” message.

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