0x8024800c error after Windows 7 restore for Lenovo machines

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I always find doing a clean restore to a computer is important when upgrading to a new OS. Since Windows 10’s free upgrade deadline is near. I thought I would document the work around for the 0x8024800c error when restoring Windows 7. This usually happens with a clean install and Windows Update (or installing .msu) won’t work.

  1. Use the Lenovo discs to restore Windows 7.
  2. Do the initial setup.
  3. Go to Administrative Tools -> Services
  4. Find Windows Update service Right click -> Select Stop
  5. Go to Windows Explorer, find Windows\SoftwareDistribution and delete that directory (I empty the Recycle Bin too)
  6. Go back to Windows Update service and Restart the service
  7. I would restart the machine.

Now Windows Update etc will work fine.

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