Some tips on compiling NeoOffice 3.2.1 Intel for Mac OSX

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If you are following the NeoOffice’s build instructions.. Here are a few extra tips:

  1. Use 10.5 and old XCode 3.14. Yes, it will only generate 32bit binary.
  2. Replace “My_Untested_Office_Suite” and “My Untested Office Suite” strings in neojava/makefile.
  3. Make sure your networking is in Bridged mode.. instead of NAT. NAT will break cURL which the makefile needs for to grab Mozilla source.
  4. It helps if you update your PERL CPAN to the latest version. Use sudo cpan.
  5. Subversion is part of Macports now so you don’t need to install it separately (vs what they say).
  6. The Makefile is very long (about 20 hours on my i series imac to complete its run). If something stops and get stuck. eg for me, adiumapplescriptrunner kept dying when it was compiling language packs (it just freezes), just kill the process under Activity Monitor. Then the makefile itself will continue on. You will need to pay attention as you might be asked to authenticate sudo via CLI.

Once everything has been setup. It is a rather simple compile, so enjoy! You final product will be called rather unimaginatively My_Untested_Office_Suite-3.2.1-intel.dmg and can be found underneath the $neojava/install directory.

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