If your iMac i3 won’t power up…

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I had recently upgraded my iMac to 10.7 but I didn’t realise I should have cleared the PRAM and NVRAM. After a while, I noticed the iMac won’t power up after a shutdown. Removing the power cord as per Apple Support doesn’t do crap. Since the machine wont’ power up I can’t execute Command-Option-P-R either.

I consulted the iFixit guide on how to remove PRAM battery.. for PC people it is the battery that stores the BIOS setting. For the iMac, the battery is stored in literally the belly of the beast. It is one of the last pieces you get to after you have completely disassembled the iMac. After planning the disassembly, I realised that the power supply is one of the first pieces you remove. I took it out, discharged the caps, replaced it back into the iMac, I reasoned if it doesn’t work, I am back to square one..

Voila.. the iMac powered up. It is still rather cumbersome, the LCD cable is REALLY delicate.. I thought this might help someone who might be in the same situation as I was.

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