Configuring VirtualBox for useful Windows Guests.

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I find VirtualBox 3.1 is quite mature and usable for everyday. Granted, I only use my Windows sessions via RDP and all of them are in 2D applications. VirtualBox has graphics acceleration, build in RDP viewer (even for pre XP computers). The only thing that is really missing is the clone functionality, but hey it is free and I am sure someone is working on it!

Here are a few tips to make things more useful (especially for people who are remote accessing the Guest OSes).

  1. Set default GUI resolution of Guest OS to any:
    This way you can RDP into the virtual machine at any resolution you like.
    Run the follow command in Terminal:

    VBoxManage setextradata global GUI/MaxGuestResolution any
  2. You only need to enable RDP on pre XP Windows or non Windows Guest:
    Remember the IP address you have to RDP into is the host machine (in my case the Ubuntu machine). Also each VM Guest has to have a unique Server Port.
  3. If you want GuestOS to be accessible on the network remember to set it to bridged mode.
  4. If you feel the Windows GuestOS network performance is too slow.
    Try the virtio drivers.
    However chances are you might need to reactivate the Windows Genuine Advantage, if you are changing it once the GuestOS has been setup. YMMV.
  5. Get to know the VBoxHeadless command.
    Typically it is

    VBoxHeadless -startvm "machinename"

    Note: VRDP is enabled by default, so for post XP machines you would want to add –vrdp off

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Remote Display Settings for VirtualBox 3.1.8

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