How to start / stop AppleVNCServer via command line properly!

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The recent versions of Apple MacOSX (10.5+) come with built in VNC Server which allows users to remote access the Mac graphically. With 10.5 there is a weird bug in the VNCServer, where in mid session, the process will increases its CPU load from a typical ~1 – 10% to 60%+ and locking up the session while it is at it. Typically AppleVNCServer can take about 25% CPU time on a G5 during normal Window dragging etc.

One can terminate the thread brutishly by issuing the command ps -ax | grep AppleVNCServer to find the offending PID and then kill it. The AppleVNCServer will restart assuming your Screen Sharing option is turned on.

However one can also do it elegantly via the launhctl interface.

The actual AppleVNCServer binary is buried in /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/AppleVNCServer.bundle/. However it is controlled via the /System/Library/LaunchAgents/

AppleVNCServer doesn’t seem to accept any runtime flags.

To see if it is actually running run launchctl list.

To STOP a run away AppleVNCServer process: launchctl stop
To START AppleVNCServer via command line: launchctl start

If you reach this far, I assume you also know how to remote access a mac via ssh.

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